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SOTD #739 – Hologram Teen

SOTD #739 – Hologram Teen
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I had this one kid that worked for me at my label ages ago who listened non-stop to French electro-pop and Italian disco. He now works at a major electronic label working with some of the biggest electronic acts around. I never could understand all the stuff he was so into at the time. I was very much into the most atonal and jagged post-punk then so I missed out on so much.

Hologram Teen sounds just like one of those records I passed by and never gave any mind or attention. Spending the last year going back and diving into this vast ocean of upbeat electro pop, house, and Italian disco, Hologram Teen seems like they have taken all the best moments of these genres from Art of Noise, Trio, Newcleus, Dimitri From Paris, Tom Tom Club, Den Harrow, the Moog Cookbook, M|A|R|R|S, Mr. Fingers and more. In other words, they’re everything 80s without coming off as a tribute or retro. I kinda want to message that kid to let him know about Hologram Teen, but I’m pretty sure he’s already hip to them and passed their stuff on to his
boss by now.

This might help sell it as well, but Hologram Teen is Morgane Lhote, the long time keyboardist from Stereolab. “Scratches En Serie” is my pick off this 4-track EP, but the entire thing is golden.

Hologram Teen’s latest single, Marsangst / Hex These Rules, is out now on Happy Robots Records. Order it here.

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