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SOTD #742 – Conformist

SOTD #742 – Conformist
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“Komputer Jenerated” is a super-short track at 2 minutes and 54 seconds but I want it to loop for hours on end. At the time of writing this piece and forming my thoughts and trying to think of ways to describe what I am hearing, the track has played over and over easily 15 times. There is that point where you hear the same thing so many times in a row that you zone out and you come back in hearing new things you never caught before.

I can drop the easy names like Art of Noise, The Bomb Squad, or The Avalanches, but that is kinda too easy. I’d compare this to broken toy laser guns; a glitch-ridden game of Operation; a broken stylophone; a chopped, distorted, skewed, and manipulated late night infomercial sample; all while paying heavy tribute to Herbie Hancock’s “Future Shock” album. Place this beside video game glitches, warped VHS tapes, skipping CDs, hi-def TVs with pixel loss, cracked cellphone screens, but all painted silver and hot pink, and someone keeps spray painting cat stencils on top of them, all so you know it is of this exact moment.

Conformist, aka Michael Simmons of Cardiff, shall soon drop his second LP Lifestyle Bible on Consumer Consumer Records. Learn more at his website, or his Facebook page, or his Twitter feed.

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