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 Everett True

Spotlight – 1: The Ethical Debating Society

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The Ethical Debating Society create a righteous racket, a confusion of good intentions and wonderful, garbled drumming. Vocals come strident and supportive and fast. You don’t need to understand or even make out individual consonants because you just know you’d be down the front dancing furious and spasmodic to the jerky, flailing rhythms, the storm drawing on elements of Allison Wolfe here and Carrie Brownstein there. The live recordings on their MySpace page are as tinny as fuck, but the sound quality only serves to heighten the sense of excitement, of jubilation, of freedom. They mention Liliput/Kleenex on their page – and damn, if I can’t feel that same sense of childlike glee.

Goddamn, if this isn’t but my heartland music. From the UK, apparently.

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