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 Everett True

Spotlight – 19: Las Kellies

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“Horses are running everywhere/While I eat my cornflakes/I prepare to go to the beach/Which one I will choose?”

This morning, a package arrived from Nottingham, from a former Plan B writer. I love shit like this. Makes life totally worthwhile, when friends you haven’t even ever met send you stuff just cos they think you might like it. Especially when it’s a CD from an all-girl band from Buenos Aires who dress like a convoluted version of Devo, rattle the drums like Wet Dog and have pretty, stinging voices that bounce and cleanse and sometimes harmonise as a sort of bonus afterthought.  Guitar solos are minimal. Obviously. Rhythm owes a debt to ESG. Obviously. What they decide to leave out is as important as what they decide to put in. Obviously.

There was a definition of punk I discovered via Google Alert two days ago that I’d like to bring to the table here, so we can be precise about what we’re discussing… that “Raincoats–Red Krayola–Flying Lizards–Wire–James Chance–No Wave–Go Gos–Peaches–CSS–Electroclash–Riot Grrrl–Chicks on Speed–New York Noise–C86–Pastels–Everett True axis”.

Yeah. Sweet. Reminds me of The Roches in a roundabout way, too. Anyway, you can make your own mind up. Here’s a link and some vids.

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