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Spotlight – 39: The Art Museums

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I kind of had to give a shout-out to these guys. They’ve got to be the first band in existence to name The Legend! as an influence. And they’re pretty fucking good, in that early Television Personalities (first two albums) way – with shades of Silicon Teens, The O-Levels and Sportique (plus a little Flying Nun). Oh, and The Times before Edward Ball totally lost his way sometime around the (shrugs) mid-80s. I mean, they’re way better than you might think for a band who namecheck The Legend!

So, no. I wouldn’t have given them a shout-out at all if I hadn’t rated them.

Here they are. Go and make them feel loved. Heaven knows, The Legend! never did.

(A tug of the ET beard to Leighton of The Deadnotes for the recommendation.)

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