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Spotlight – 42: Velociraptor

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There’s a dinosaur exhibition down the Science Museum on the Southbank: and Isaac’s favourite part of it is the video of the dinosaurs singing, “Danger, danger/Velociraptor/Danger, danger/He’s got the hook claw”.

Now I have no way of ascertaining whether this song was a formative influence upon the frenzied scenes of chaos and surf rock magic and tambourine-shaking I witnessed down the Troubadour last night, but I like to think it is. The band themselves are awesome: there were about 12 of them on stage shaking their hairy booties and shimmying out the Dick Dale riffs and stand-up drum beats, one man handling the Question Mark vocal role (with plenty of back-up), but apparently anyone who likes can be a member of Velociraptor – and they have been known to number 24 on stage. Presumably, you just need to bring your own tambourine and dance moves.

What’s incredible is how coherent the chaos and screaming and shimmying sounds. Their MySpace page – fine as the songs are – really doesn’t do the live experience justice. It’s like the Mary Chain given a MASSIVE humour injection and several decent songs. It’s like Shindig brought to life right in front of your disbelieving eyes. It’s pure 60s and it’s MASSIVE.

Bangs alive, Velociraptor make me proud to be living in Brisbane.

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