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 Everett True

Stuff I don’t hate

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Paris Hilton

Like I could give a crap about award ceremonies, music conventions or government-funded radio stations either way.

Folk get confused because I’m down on the entire fucking cynical self-serving self-promoting gutless directionless back-slapping back-stabbing money-seeking grave-robbing talent-destroying hypocritical fucking music industry. So they put two and two together and make a plastic wardrobe out of it.

They shouldn’t.

Yesterday, in one of the KMB003 Sex N Drugs N Rock N Roll tutes, a group of students picked out a Paris Hilton song as Music They Hate … mainly because it’s by Paris Hilton.

Like I could give a crap about Paris Hilton either way.

I happen to think this is a pretty good song. I like Blondie’s version of ‘The Tide Is High’ as well.

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