Venita Munir

Calexico – Seasonal Shift (Spunk!)

Calexico – Seasonal Shift (Spunk!)

Let’s get it over and done with – 2020 hasn’t been a great year. Thank goodness for all the musicians of the world who’ve kept making music throughout this unspeakable pandemic. As most couldn’t travel and haven’t been allowed to play live, at least technology has enabled digital recording and sharing, and live streaming performances. […]

 Scott Creney

CocoRosie – Tales Of A GrassWidow (City Slang)

CocoRosie – Tales Of A GrassWidow (City Slang)

Angela Carter crossed with the newspaper, myth and reality intertwined in a tragic dance. That’s CocoRosie right there.

 Wallace Wylie

Barbara Panther – Barbara Panther (City Slang)

The highlights buzz and throb with an uncontainable enthusiasm that merges perfectly with the pulsating music. Her talent and personality, coupled with her media-friendly childhood, seem perfectly designed for stardom.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 346: Barbara Panther

One day soon, doubtless I will know all that needs to be known about Barbara Panther.