A Week in the Life of NME.COM – The Edited Highlights

NME.COM takes churnalism to new depths while Pitchfork’s Cover Story shows how to do web publishing

 Scott Creney

Bat For Lashes – Haunted Man (Capitol)

This half-assed Paula Cole bullshit bores the crap out of me. Its Enya-esque sonic soundscapes make me wretch.

 Everett True

some observations upon hearing the new Kate Bush album 50 Words For Snow

I’m not a particular fan of concentrating too hard when it comes to music

 Everett True

Song of the day – 406: The Bastards Of Fate

Spelling is not at a premium. Bowels will be tickled.

 Tom Randall

6 (and a bit) favourite musical encounters from the first half of 2011, around which the miscellany of life lies

Most are gigs. Music lives in open air.

 Wallace Wylie

Barbara Panther – Barbara Panther (City Slang)

The highlights buzz and throb with an uncontainable enthusiasm that merges perfectly with the pulsating music. Her talent and personality, coupled with her media-friendly childhood, seem perfectly designed for stardom.


In Numbers: Splendour In The Grass 2011

The reason Splendour hasn’t sold out instantaneously, as it normally does, is that the line-up doesn’t justify the price.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 209: She Makes War

She’s got something. Not sure what. Earnestness. Arrogance. Innocence. A capacity for self-promotion. An unblinking gaze. The video signifies, “A retelling of the Apollo-Daphne-Cupid story with a home made tree and paper hearts”. In case you wondered. (I wonder if she likes Bat For Lashes as well as Amanda Palmer? Hardly matters. She’s way more […]