Everett True

Hugs And Kisses (December edition)

This was written for Spanish website Playground a couple of days ago. I dutifully sent it off, and received a return email stating the column had been pulled, financial considerations. Damn. They could have told me that before I wrote it! Anyway. Thought it was too good to waste. Hugs And Kisses The Strangely Muted […]

 Everett True

One-minute reviews – 7: Goran Bregović, Katsen, Secret Birds, King Creosote

Life is complicated, but brief. Why spend longer writing than someone will spend reading your words? Or indeed, listening to the music? Bring on the One-Minute Review! Goran Bregović – Welcome To Bregovic Dude from – where, Eastern Europe? – theatrical and operatic and laden with portent, and everything you fucking gotta hate about the Goths, […]