Lee Adcock

King Creosote – From Scotland With Love (Domino)

King Creosote – From Scotland With Love (Domino)

So I’m half-tempted to split this review with another folk album in my queue – one that breaks more molds and challenges the listener on many more levels – but I’ve decided against it. The work in question demands more thorough listening and all the space that a digital article can afford (and no, digital […]


An almost completely random collection of things I’ve loved so far in 2011

Yup, my heart is yours, you Scots, ‘unfaithful servants of filthy, fucking language’, as Mr Withered Hand says.

 Everett True

One-minute reviews – 7: Goran Bregović, Katsen, Secret Birds, King Creosote

Life is complicated, but brief. Why spend longer writing than someone will spend reading your words? Or indeed, listening to the music? Bring on the One-Minute Review! Goran Bregović – Welcome To Bregovic Dude from – where, Eastern Europe? – theatrical and operatic and laden with portent, and everything you fucking gotta hate about the Goths, […]