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 Everett True

One-minute reviews – 7: Goran Bregović, Katsen, Secret Birds, King Creosote

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Life is complicated, but brief. Why spend longer writing than someone will spend reading your words? Or indeed, listening to the music? Bring on the One-Minute Review!

Goran Bregović – Welcome To Bregovic

Dude from – where, Eastern Europe? – theatrical and operatic and laden with portent, and everything you fucking gotta hate about the Goths, only this guy’s a gypsy or something so you start slowly dancing in a fire-flickering whirl, slowly and first, then faster and faster ’till you’ve loving every glorious dervish-tossing moment. Music to fuck the fattened calf by.

Katsen – It Hertz!
Chirpy, crackly retro-electronica: like St Etienne given an unlimited supply of Atari game modules and OMD B-sides, and a sense of humour. The girl sounds way more dispassionate than the synthesizers. One song is called ‘German Film Star’ and you can only hope it is, indeed, a tribute to The Passions. Makes me miss Brighton with sobering drunken clarity.

Secret Birds – Asleep On The Dragon
Damn, but we’re serious. Damn, but we have some serious beards and serious guitars and serious time issues and serious amounts of heavy drugs and a serious desire to play as slooooow and drawn-out and…damn, but we’re serious. When we’re not fiddling around trying to work out why acoustic guitars don’t sound serious. If these boys had any tunes they’d be called Rick.

King Creosote – Flick The Vs
Another band stares enviously on as Animal Collective split. Like Goran above, but with far, far less substance. Music that revels in the description ‘eclectic’. If I didn’t have 20,000 other songs to listen to I might – might – grow to love this.

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