Everett True

Everett True’s 20 favourite songs of 2011

Everett True’s 20 favourite songs of 2011

Not a note wasted, not a note pointlessly repeated.

 Everett True

a Collapse Board parlour game for Sunday afternoons

Can’t quite appreciate her music like I used to after she threatened to beat me with a baseball bat for making fun of the Olympia Co-Op

 Matt O'Neill

Is Collapse Board worth saving?

Music is a messy, disgusting, frustrating, fucking stupid, illogical art-form

 Everett True

the football team approach to music criticism

Some of us don’t see ourselves as being in the ‘promotion’ game

 Everett True

The Collapse Board interview – Maria And The Gay

This time let’s not call it anything. People will hate it but at least it will have spirit.


Maria And The Gay – Greatest Hits Volume 1 (Big Print)

It’s OK. Go ahead and scream.