Lee Adcock

SOTD #713 – Halfsour

SOTD #713 – Halfsour

Say you’ve gone out to see a gig in a new town. You’ve arrived early, as is your custom, but already people are crowding the couches and milling in bunches. You don’t know any of these people. Your legs lock as you stand at the threshold, scanning for somewhere unobtrusive to sit. Twenty minutes crawl […]

 Everett True

The return of Everett True | 127. Connections

The return of Everett True | 127. Connections

I was listening to a podcast Charlotte was playing to our children in the car. The question “What sounds do you like, and why?” was asked of some seven-year-olds. The replies were illuminating. “I like the sound the waves make, as they crash on the beach at the end of a sunny day.” “I like the […]

 Mike Turner

Mike Turner’s 2014 Mid-Year Top Ten

Mike Turner’s 2014 Mid-Year Top Ten

2014 has been a super busy year for me and I kinda stopped following as much of what was going on and the up and coming buzz bands than in years past. My top ten picks of 2014 seems to be made up of older bands making a return or bands that just were just […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 429: Guided By Voices

Funny how the remnants of those who fought in the indie trenches during the 90s hold up GbV as a classic band, above many.

 Scott Creney

Guided By Voices – Let’s Go Eat The Factory (Fire)

Robert Pollard’s language is a universe that is both abstract and familiar, a poetry informed by gray skies and basements, used cars and starch.

 Everett True

There’s no good. There’s no bad. There’s music.

You think pop music is JUST about the music? Fuck, I thought even 2-yr-olds knew that wasn’t the case.


Before the little bird goes south or Some Ordinary Vision: a love letter to Iowa’s Poison Control Center (the band)

How come nobody told me about them before? What the hell?!?! WHO IS IN CHARGE HERE?!?!?

 Everett True

The Collapse Board interview – Maria And The Gay

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This time let’s not call it anything. People will hate it but at least it will have spirit.

 Logan K. Young

The Collapse Board interview: Beth Murphy (Times New Viking)

Going into CD-R, we had this analogue mantra … no computers, no computers!

 Wallace Wylie

Destroyer – Kaputt (Merge)

Kaputt is a dark city with no easy escape routes. Washed-out horns blow sorrowfully into the night.