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The Collapse Board Interview: Peter Hook

The Collapse Board Interview: Peter Hook

Interview by Tom McCall Photo by Laurent Bruguerolle Photographie Peter Hook and the Light have been performing tours across the world to play the music of Joy Division and New Order since it’s formation in 2011. His unmistakably unique and now legendary basslines forming the backbone of Joy Division and continuing his extraordinary career through […]


Lisa Carver, Truman Capote, my therapist and me – An Odd Future Conversation

Doesn’t matter! It’s all image with these kids. It’s not real.


Throughout The Universe, In Perpetuity: Why I Don’t Sign Copyright-Grabbing Photo Contracts

Once there was no “three songs, no flash” rule, now it’s industry standard in all but the small, local shows. Once there were no releases. Once there were no copyright-grabbing contracts.