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 Everett True

That In Utero memo | An outraged* reader responds

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Green iguana

I can’t deny that this comment might have been put through Google Translate one or 20 times first.

The original memorandum is not a funny spoof … I say to you. Nice bit of viral marketing. Achieve.

However, you quite frankly, embarrassing fact that the author and page impressions drum investigations Fox – sustained efforts, rather than a resolution.

(I do not remember to heavy, and they want to be, though …) I went to Everett your blog, I think it will be interesting and original metaphor and dry desert, I find a good music site. I have a cigarette and checking and sitting smoking in 2012 …

Dear God.

‘Hit’ the wisdom and punt enthusiasm, and that the “false nonsense a young tragedy, aimed at strengthening the twisted wreckage. Anger and personal work, I tried to avoid pre-teen characters with poor transparency of the anti-type fork (which is truly related the split tuppeny fuck?) Carrier refused to land, older adults, 50 years (!) is not the only commentator toy line.

In particular, the the fuzzy concept album “View” the rural gender bachelor in a strange secret. Unreleased song about the pain network store in your 500-1000, Jason Pierce, the achievements of the previous expansion – the acclaimed, transmission, and gods given two vertebrae so hard for me cringe , I think I was a fan, its award-winning.

Garbage and legend, Courtney king and court jester Kurdt, composer, 500 Queen – sadness and regret, I like your ideas and concepts, and is a great, Everett true, because I think, see the success of others, all the bile raging sadness thinking – a 1000 release, but the artifact – (that is, the poor and languished in the vicinity cultdom low bypass) John coalface of rock and pop music The students compared kiss Everett real grit false not breathing want your deadhorse to mixed rub recovery and kickstart his career, including 90 Art criticizing other people’s efforts.

Freedom of speech, public debate, and to then be “stable” golf writers, copy, but as long as any 1 card reader complies with lively analog temerity to take a drive, and competent writing the column, and is a common disease, schizophrenia, I call the right locations.

Damn green iguana.

Find the original comment here.

*Not outraged, actually – just incredibly fucking bored and indifferent to the whole affair, and a little saddened by how far the previous mighty have fallen, which is why he’s taken the time to write in…

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