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That In Utero memo Google-translated into Haitian Creole, Russian, Welsh, Esperanto, Icelandic and back again into English

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Charlie Brown record collector - Mike Turner

Make more sense now?

In line with recommendations editor Collapse

This document Collapse got this tip from an anonymous source. Nowadays, it’s common in all major music publications and websites. Despite the threat of litigation, we decided to publish this document in a word. The author of this report is not known.


The document will be sent for training in all major music events in 2013. I speak, of course, in the 20 years since reedite Nirvana baby. It can be, and that our friends in the fork in the news for refusing to allow people to know that reedite come. The information will not be enough, but allow fat bikes lead a decent amount of tension built up reedite true. When they began to publish your comment, it is important that they keep a similar picture. Understand why, we must look back to the Beatles. A large number of Beatles literature should (and will continue well market) will tell us all one very important fact: people who not only love to read the same story over and over again, they say. Our work in history, we are strengthening the legend, with particular emphasis on rijidite in history. So, given the fact that they told me to prepare some points bulletin says that all audit focus:

To provide some background detail shots. It’s called history. It should be Nirvana / Kurt Cobain legend picked up again and again the idea reluctant star, comfortable voice of a generation. I recommend using the term “violence is the center of attention.” It works very well for our purpose. I can not emphasize enough that if a disaster story will be presented only do this with the idea of ​​rising and falling stars. Nvèrmend made them famous. What will they do now? (If you mention Incesticide, be sure to call it “temporarily” out).

In the womb, to see as an attempt to restore confidence Punk. Nirvana on a big label, but will be introduced as a punk rocker at heart Cobain. Can lead to greater tragedy idea of ​​compromise Nirvana was when they decided to sweeten 2 raytren Steve Albin production and to make them more friendly dish. (Note: The original Albi-produced album available reedite We are working on several blog review which tends to cancel the original outlines of the original Albi mix as “revelation”, which would bring the enemy table Nvèrmend ..).

Reedite itself. The best way to get people to buy the album twice, this means that it rmasterèd. This often amounts to make it stronger, but this is where criticism can not be heard. Browser by clicking unscratchable reader who has seen the original statement that the lower product. Phrases like “back square table” and “work with” the help, but we need to do more than that. Use another phrase, such as “the weeping sounds even more painful Cobain revelateur” (careful not to abuze revelation / revelateur), which states that work rmasterin “revitalization” of the album. ensinue change the mix, the more it grew, so you can hear all the new ears.

Bonus track. The original composition Albin to be a great draw. Finally, what will convince skeptics that they are part of their money. When dealing Albin Compound, explores the idea of ​​compromise with the “original vision” of Cobain, and do not miss the opportunity to become the face tragedy again.

In addition. Two things are important in summary womb: He must know Nirvana album better. Phrases like “even though Nvèrmend instrument was conceived in the womb, of course, is the best of them” it should work well. You can say, “Maybe the best.” We have already sold Nvèrmend make it seem like a special time in the history of music, so we sell them in the stomach, finding it is actually better. This time, everything about music. The second thing that should be stressed in the womb will be considered final and wishes will not soul desires this world. emphasize the dark, album enkoeran and angry. Damage intensity to create. Be sure to include a phrase on the line “for about six months after the publication of birth Cobain had died of itself.” Of course, the number of heroin and attempted suicide, but sure death, Cobain look wrong sad but inevitable.

Kurt Cobain: wishing star. Weight. Compromise. Depression. Heroin. Death. It’s very simple. Do not feel like you’re selling yourself short by following these rules. Instead, he said, knowing that you are doing public service. You must provide comfort and confidence in the confusion of the world. You must provide the one thing that makes us believe that you will help them to make art immortal Kurt Cobain. Expect more high-profile media event in cooperation Nirvana line / McCartney for a short time, and I hope that we can expect a profitable fourth quarter of 2013. One last thing: 2014 is too early for the 15 anniversary of the first white scratch album, or do we need to wait 20 years ago? I look forward to hearing from you. We myth.

Nirvana Ra foot on British TV in 1994

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