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 Everett True

the 10 most popular posts on Collapse Board since day one

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This is according to WordPress Popular Posts Stats, and I have no idea how accurate that is … or even when it started measuring.

  1. Shut up about Kreayshawn being racist 23 comment(s) | 120183 view(s) (Kelly McClure)
  2. Everett True’s 10 favourite albums of all time* … and one that changed his life 5 comment(s) | 32774 view(s) (Everett True)
  3. The Question of Authenticity and Lana Del Rey 44 comment(s) | 17279 view(s) (Brigette Adair Herron)
  4. How I Learned To Play Guitar 26 comment(s) | 16709 view(s) (Erika Meyer)
  5. Nirvana’s Nevermind, 20 Years Later 40 comment(s) | 15709 view(s) (Scott Creney)
  6. Kathleen Hanna – The Collapse Board Interview 8 comment(s) | 13109 view(s) (Bianca Valentino)
  7. Gotye – Making Mirrors (Samples ‘n’ Seconds) 90 comment(s) | 8291 view(s) (Scott Creney)
  8. Scott Creney reacts to Chuck Klosterman’s article about tUnE-yArDs pretty much exactly the way you’d expect him to 36 comment(s) | 7884 view(s) (Scott Creney)
  9. The 10 Myths about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana they didn’t want you to read 6 comment(s) | 7691 view(s) (James Flint)
  10. Song of the day – 385: Sinéad O’Connor 11 comment(s) | 6115 view(s) (Everett True)

You’ll note that Scott Creney’s nailed three of them, while I’ve got two. That, despite the fact I’ve written around 90 per cent of Collapse Board. You’ll also note that we don’t have many readers. (In fairness to ourselves, I should point out that we’ve changed the tagging of the posts four or five times, which means that several of these figures could be off by as much as … uh, I have no idea.)

Whatever. Time to bring in Kim Kardashian’s tits, I think.

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