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The appeal of the WRONG! in pop music special

The appeal of the WRONG! in pop music special
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Final lecture in KMB003 (Sex Drugs Rock’N’Roll) this semester. Always a happy-sad occasion. There’s no denying the music, though.

What better way to go out with an Appeal of the WRONG! in pop music special?


1. Robyn – Dancing On My Own

2. Wah! – The Story Of The Blues (I didn’t actually play this one, but it was racing through my head the whole time)

3. Frida Hyvönen – London

4. Pet Shop Boys – It’s A Sin


1. Die Antwoord – Cookie Thumper

2. Penderecki – Threnody For The Victims Of Hiroshima

3. Elvis Presley – Are You Lonesome Tonight? (laughing version)

4. Addie Hamilton – Blurred Lines

5. Adam – Got To Go (orgasm version)

6. Tiny Tim – Tiptoe Through The Tulips

7. Babymetal – Gimme Chocolate!!

8. Iggy Azalea – Pu$$y

9. Boyfriend – Grannyfucker

10. Pussy Riot – Punk Prayer (unplayed)

11. Jonathan Richman – I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar (live)

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