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 Everett True

the first EVER review of Jesus And Mary Chain

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From The Legend! #2, June 1984

Jesus and the Mary Chain (sic) sound like my brother singing (out of key), drums straight as they come, guitar dredged up from the remains of the first Ramones album plus an insistent two-note bass. Would be the Doors if they could, flirt dangerously by looking like Goths, and cover ‘Ambition’. But find a hole somewhere and are clawing their way through with naive charm and tuneful odd tuneless tunes. Will be terrible when they start to play, so catch them now. (In East Kilbride? You’re bloody kidding)

(This was from before the release of the first single, and before they even started using feedback live. I couldn’t swear, but I’m not sure Bobby G was even in the band at this point. Jesus And Mary Chain played in London three times in one week in June 1984 – all McGee-promoted shows, one of which I missed Ut for and about five people showed up – and returned back to East Kilbride. Think I was probably on the bill for at least one of these shows, I bet Geoff the Postman can remember. Mainly, I remember one of the brothers nicking an apple from a greengrocer’s stall as we wandered around Tottenham Court Road. I was shocked. They hated this write-up incidentally, and never spoke to me again.)

(This single still sounds fucking glorious, though. I’d fallen out with McGee by this point, and ended up buying it from Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street, despite the fact I was still – strictly speaking – on Creation Records. I ended up buying 10 copies of my second single from Rough Trade Records and being accused by the guys behind the counter of trying to hype my record into the independent charts.)

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