THE GOOD REVIEW Undead Apes: Grave Consequences (Merenoise)

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by Alex Gillies

There are two types of music out there: the kind that exists to inform and the kind that wants to entertain your moneymaker. Unfortunately, the informing side is often so earnest you want to puke into your shoe, while the entertaining side is so Madonna that you want to puke into your other shoe. That unfortunately leaves nothing but a squishy feeling in your soul(s) that nobody wants from music.

Brisbane’s Undead Apes have bypassed both of the above by taking that oh-so-timeless BPM that gave Johnny Ramone a stiff case of arthritis in the elbows and made a bunch of songs that run amok like happy delinquents (or happy zombies in this case). Undead Apes aren’t probably trying to be as funny as they really are, but when you hear, “You think you’re bad like Michael Jackson when really you’re just crap like Michael Jackson” you should either have a hearty chuckle or give this record to someone who will get it.

It’s so hard to not say those dirty, disgusting words, so firstly I’ll say ‘The Descendents’, then when you’ve got Milo and Co. in your mind I can say ‘pop-punk’ safely. For the first time in so, so many years, here’s a band that makes those two things sound good together. And once you scratch the surface and find that our quartet comprises folks from the awesomeness of Sekiden, Dick Nasty, Gazoonga Attack and Eat Laser Scumbag, then it’s obvious that years of work has gone into making this band as close to distorted guitar perfection as a singalong pop song can get.

Grave Consequences will rightfully give you nothing but a good time. Having devoured the grey matter out of so many other great bands and songs, everything here is instantly familiar, instantly timeless and so grossly infectious that you’ll be looking for chomp marks!

Photography: Brad Marsellos

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