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The last baby boom rocker | Your thoughts on Tom Petty

The last baby boom rocker | Your thoughts on Tom Petty
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  • Top 5. Shut up if you’re gonna start a diss thread here.
  • I don’t think there’s any point arguing with —- on this. It sounds like he won’t back down!
  • He’s no Keith Chegwin.
  • Dwight Twilley’s bassist? Good bassist.
  • He don’t take shit.
  • Fucken awesome.
  • Petty Petty Petty Petty good
  • Rather great for the most part.
  • He smokes pot. I like that.
  • Has been and will be around a lot longer than Sam Smith
  • Just flat-out great. If you want to know for sure where you stand you should watch the Bogdanovich doco. All four hours of it. I would have never believed anyone I was only mildly into could be so interesting for so long. After that I realised I’d just been in denial and threw myself into it
  • Nasally voice, bland Americana MOR. OK, come at me bro.
  • 10444361_10205994054558586_7678392366532070761_n
  • “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” wouldn’t have worked as a movie without ‘American Girl’ on its soundtrack.
  • Thought American Girl played a pretty important role in Silence Of The Lambs too.
  • …and that amazing scene in The Sopranos with Carmella talking to Tony in hospital after Uncle Junior shot him.
  • ‘Don’t Come Around Here No More’ is a sucker punch of a breakup song, plus he did the cool Alice look before all the emo kids co-opted it.
  • Love Tom Petty, great songs, straightforward rock music. Dave Grohl is the new Tom Petty.
  • I once was kicked out of Eddie Spaghetti’s house for taking off the Tom Petty on the CD deck and replacing it with a random disc from the Stax Singles box. I still stand by my choice.
  • Thanks for nothin’ Brian. That nearly put me off him again
  • I’m waiting for Grohl to cover this.
  • Tom Petty is boss. My second favourite Wilbury… after Jeff Lynne of course.
  • I do agree with you all here. This is unmitigated genius.
  • Love your example of unmitigated genius. Was that on purpose?
  • The last baby boom rocker.
  • Fuckhead.
  • Petty + Heartbreakers up there only one step below Springsteen + E Street Band.
  • Love him, love him, love him! I have loved every album, and every track on every album is fantastic in its own way. And The Heartbreakers, ah those heartbreakers, rock the lyrical stories to the core.
  • Influenced War on Drugs.
  • Good tunesmith.
  • Awesome possum.
  • Definitely not any kind of groundbreaker but certainly one of the least embarrassing mainstream rock/pop artists of his era. Closest analog I can think of is CCR but I think Fogerty is a genius while Petty is merely above average? Still, a number of excellent, unpretentious tunes, definitely.
  • He ripped off Sam Smith about 25 years early.
  • Snooze alarm.
  • A low rent Roger McGuinn.
  • C+.
  • He was a pretty good NASCAR driver.
  • I like his work with J Cash.
  • The musical equivalent of Carry On films -dead centre between + and – as in “I’d rather watch a “Carry On” than “………..”
  • Dignified also-ran.
  • I can’t imagine there’d ever be a time in my life where I’d think “I feel like listening to Tom Petty”.
  • A dignified also-ran who’s sold more than 80 million records.
  • I’m sure he’s talented and he is respected and acclaimed and popular but I can’t get into his music at all. It’s a little over produced and not very rock n roll. I guess it’s AOR stuff for fans of that kinda stuff. But a gifted writer and singer all the same.
  • His band is great – those boys really play as a team.
  • I like ‘The Waiting’, otherwise rather boring music. But a nice chap for sure.
  • Sux.
  • He put out one weird Fields Of The Nephilim-meets-Star Wars video.
  • ‘My Hero’ was alright, I guess.
  • Guilty pleasure.
  • Took everything from The Byrds & Dylan except what made them interesting. A total professional working in an artform that’s ruined by professionalism. Seems to think good rock music is all about learning the rules, when obviously it’s all about breaking them. And in the sense that his career and success has helped spread these evil ideas, he has to be considered the devil. His music exists in a universe where Little Richard, or the Pet Shop Boys, or The Slits, never happened. And as such his music sounds dead to me.
  • Studies in songwriting – a worthwhile object of study for all songwriters looking to (structurally) up the pop in their music. Personality and flavour though, those you can’t learn from anyone.
  • Why?
  • Recent thread had people defending the goddamn Foo Fighters, weird to see enmity towards an actual halfway decent, though real vanilla and retrogressive mainstream songwriter. I don’t think Petty is great but the goddamn Foo Fighters? Is everyone insane?
  • Saw a re-run of an episode of Old Grey Whistle Test with the Heartbreakers promoting their first LP and, you know, they were kinda good. Does that make me dirty?
  • Horrible ’90s MOR twaddle. Really nice ’80s rockishness. One of the best live shows I’ve ever seen, though. In small doses, quite fine. When he’s with the Wilburys clique, it’s the fucking pits.
  • Nice haircut.
  • Forgot to say you can’t talk Tom without talking Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench. You just can’t do it. They are everything to that sound. And Campbell? Shit, that guy is the fucking master of being massively memorable without over playing. I know we’re talking meat-and-potatoes but that’s a delight sometimes if you enjoy a broad menu. It just better be great meat and potatoes. And the lead guitar hook on this? With all the twaddle he could have done? It slays me every time. You could build a whole class around the lead guitar on this. Seriously, what a fucking classic rock lead guitarist. I’ll take Mike Campbell over legions of supposedly legendary plank-spanking wankers every time.
  • Who?
  • “His A&R man said I don’t hear a single”.
  • I like how many of the key elements of the songs; drum beats, choruses, riffs, backing vocals, etc., are very simply arranged, deftly placed and rendered, and then have the fuck overproduced out of them, creating an effect unavailable to us from other, lesser practitioners. And, Mike Campbell. He’s Tom’s secret weapon.
  • Dodgy hats.
  • His cameo playing himself in Kevin Costner’s version of The Postman is the only thing I remember about that movie.
  • I remember when we thought he was new wave.
  • Teeth.
  • He’s easily the third greatest surviving Wilbury.
  • Saw him once in 1977 in LA. Thought I was going to see the Heartbreakers (with some guy named Tom Petty replacing Johnny Thunders.) Crestfallen. Though when I saw Thunders and the reformed Heartbreakers a few years later, I don’t know which was worse. On second thought, Petty was worse.
  • Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers are the original Heartbreakers. Not a big Tom Petty fan
  • Fuck Tom Petty. Overrated as hell.
  • He’s “Free fallin”

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