Everett True

The return of Everett True | 146. The Lovely Eggs

The return of Everett True | 146. The Lovely Eggs
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Like something from Wales. Wouldn’t it be great if this post was not digital, not virtual, but ‘real’ – and that by tracing a quill imbued with lemon juice over its seemingly empty spaces, the words and images and video slowly – so slowly – materialised into view, a word at a time. Magical. Mysterious. Mind-melding. Maverick. I’m reminded somehow of the high street in Hull, mid-morning but already everything is closed. I’m reminded somehow of fanzines in the 1980s named after Richard Brautigan books. One word at a time, sweet Jesus. One word at a time. Ten seconds ago, everything froze in time for a while and I was also frozen, not able to move for fear of melting the magic. Beautiful and strangely beautiful and oddly beautiful video, too. I’m not sure you’re aware of just quite how many superlative singles (no, not supercilious or superannuated, but superlative) The Lovely Eggs (who aren’t from either Hull nor Wales, last time I looked) have released. Here’s one. Try it. Pocket vignettes to take out and withdraw and use to roll around with to laugh at the ridiculousness and poignant ridiculousness and touching ridiculousness of life with.  I mean, this is like TOO SMART, TOO FUNNY, TOO TOO to reach big old Hollywood heights. Even though thousands of people feel like me. I’m not sure I’m aware of quite how wonderful The Lovely Eggs are: face value, they’re a little One Hit Wonder, but they’re genius like Chris Sievey, genius like Grandmaster Flash, genius like Lauryn Hill when she thinks no one’s looking. Here’s another. Try it. Immediately cuddly and makes me miss certain sections of England (not the South) more than anything has made me miss certain sections of England in like seven years.

I am now so diverted, it’s wonderful. Wonderfully diverting.

I just wanted to draw your attention to this, really. That’s it. End of post.

Words disappearing from view. Slowly. One. At. A. Time.

Wonderful, weonederful video. Don’t dismiss them just cos they’re ace.

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