Everett True

The return of Everett True | 16. Girlpool

The return of Everett True | 16. Girlpool
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It’s embarrassing, how little I’m aware of. It’s wonderful, how much great stuff is out there just waiting for that stone to be turned over. The trick? Trust folk, the right folk. Or, as Girlpool sing it, don’t get fucked by a fucked society.

Here, go check the source.

It’s The Cosmopolitans (a little) crossed with Teddy And The Frat Girls (a little) crossed with The Roches (a little), crossed with The Diskettes (a little), taken in conjunction with some smart, sardonic lyrics (a lot) and some wonderful, unobtrusive harmonies (a lot) and some righteous 2014 fire (a whole bunch), and some beautiful, beautiful restraint, and some chillingly layered minimalist guitar lines and … fuck, this writing device is stale.

THIS BAND FUCKEN RULE, OK (“Proper Music Journalism(TM)” © Everett True 2014).

“I go to school every day just to be made a housewife one day.”

It’s not a competition, but this is better than anything you’ve fucken listened to in the last 24 hours. Guaranteed, or twice your money back!

Bangs damn this is fine. Sends fire coursing through my veins. Makes me so fucking happy. (“Proper Music Criticism(TM)” © Everett True 2014.)

Cooler than the last 28 cool things you thought of, and twice as infectious.

And then there’s this, which is totally rad.

Photograph:Roxy Campos (from Ordinary Girl LA)

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