Everett True

The return of Everett True | 5. Nirvana ft. Lorde

The return of Everett True | 5. Nirvana ft. Lorde
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Please, no more words. Just incredible.

Ah, never mind. Maybe it might be interesting to reproduce some of the commentary on Facebook around a link to this post. Many people seem to take issue with my taste here.

  • Everett True Steve Gullick, you heard this?
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  • Steve Five “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” – My 13-year-old self in 2014
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  • NC Hegarty · Friends with Robert MacManus and 2 others

    It’s time for another band to come and blow the world apart. This is bullshit
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  • Celene Skullz    Lorde and Nirvana and this song! What a great choice! Haters — get over it! My 13 year old self would still love Lorde singing Nirvana. P.S. Great to have you back True!
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  • Marcus Bremer I don’t dislike it, as I think Lorde is far from mediocre. It isn’t Nirvana. It’s a Lorde cover tribute with original band members involved. It is what it is and it can be digested.
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  • Everett True Wow. You folk are way off beam here. It’s an incredible performance full stop. Who gives a fuck what it’s called?
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  • Dan Cross I don’t get why Chad wasn’t inducted, and Dave Grohl’s call out to him was kinda patronising. At first I didn’t like the Lorde song then I thought it was cool on its own terms, plus Kurt was a world weary young person so seemed appropriate.
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  • Mark Andrew Squier · 3 mutual friends

    Annie Clark doing Lithium was much much better than this.
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  • Paolo Varesi I didn’t like them replacing Cobain, but I want to take it as a one tribute show, anyway I didn’t find one version played that night that didn’t butcher the original. I found this version pretty bad too.
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  • Jodi Biddle I’m getting 404s when I try to view Collapse Board.
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  • Jed Smith The whole thing is ridiculous but I’m just some guy
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  • Antonio Pancamo Puglia i just love it and I find it very passionate and moving.
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  • Steve Gullick Yes Everett True – I just watched it on your recommendation… It’s the only thing I’ve seen from the event. I like the cut of her jib… Any other good bits?… I could look myself but am feeling a little lazy/Nirvana’d out.
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  • Everett True Kim Gordon is incredible
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  • Everett True Her performance with Nirvana is pretty fucking cool too
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  • Steve Gullick I believe she’s done my favourite song… Moist Vagina.
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  • Loretta O’Connell I was there, Kim Gordon rocked the roof off, Lorde was just wrong.
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  • Eve Eve What in particular, from a musical point of view-not a cultural one, was entertaining, engaging, expressive or inventive about Lorde’s rendition of ‘All Apologies’? Apart from the current ‘in factor’ of Lorde (her music is new and creative and fresh) what makes this performance ‘great’. I hated it! I wanted to like it, but experiencing it was cringeworthy, confusing and altogether boring. But I guess, like Mylie, everyone is talking about it none the less. Isn’t that what Nirvana was NOT all about?
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  • Everett True You dislike her because you think she’s trendy. Fair enough. I think it’s a shame because I think that, by being so swayed by popular opinion, you’re missing out. That’s your call of course. This was one of two performances that night that captured the essence of Nirvana for me, nervy and racked with self-doubt and feeling the music with every inch of her body, the same way Kurt once did. Yes it was confusing, gloriously so. Her voice reminded me of what I so missed from Kurt’s voice when I heard that horrendous remastering job on Nevermind a few weeks ago. It very much surprised me to encounter such a performance in such an incongruous setting. I didn’t think there would be any.

    Kim Gordon supplied the other performance, perhaps not so surprisingly. Her dancing and singing was intoxicating.
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