The Singles Club: The Libertines / Velociraptor

The Singles Club: The Libertines / Velociraptor
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The Libertines – Gunga Din

Justin Edwards: I could always understand the appeal of The Libertines in 2002/03 but also considered that they managed to peak between albums with the post-first album Don’t Look Back into the Sun and the pre-second album Can’t Stand Me Now. In 2014 I can’t really understand the appeal of The Libertines. But maybe it’s because I’ve never understood the appeal of The Clash.

Ben Green: I liked the Libs first album and found later stuff a bit too tight/polished, so I like this song for its space and looseness. Crap lyrics though

Lee Adcock: Agreed that the Libertines track sounds an awful lot like the Clash in reggae mode – except for that chummy chorus, which seems like a lazy way to shift into “c’mon, we need something to fist pump to” mode. Funny, though – you’d think that the world has had enough of white dude faux-punx, but Slaves are bangin’ out even more incoherent stuff than this and are still ridin’ on a cloud of critical approval.

Hannah Golightly: Personally, I can see the point of the Libertines in 2015. I didn’t like them when they came out. I sometimes find that I am not ready to hear something when it’s first been released. I’m not particularly influenced by what’s cool or happening, I just go with what I like… and if music happens at the wrong time, I may miss it and be ready to discover it later. You may be experiencing this in reverse- like it made sense to you back in the day and fitted what you were into at that moment and now you’ve outgrown it. I don’t see it being a matter of how new/relevent the music is, so much as how much that music fits in to your consciousness and life at any given time.

Josh Liam: “Can’t Stand Me Now” is one of my favorite songs of the last decade and I’m happy they finally reunited, new song isn’t bad and I look forward to hearing more.

Velociraptor – Dollarmite

Justin: As much as I love this band, the last couple of singles have been disappointing. I loved the rawness of the first EP when they sounded like the last gang in town but recently it’s all been too slick and sounding like they want to be the Arctic Monkeys. Maybe it’ll be a grower.

Jake Cleland: You have to see Velociraptor live to hear their songs the way you want. J Neale is dedicated to being a pop star – and he rules at it – but if yr lookin’ for rawness from the dude, yr only gonna find it on a stage.

Justin: You might have a point Jake. I saw them so many times in 2010-11 that perhaps I just got used to all those songs sounding as they did live. But I still prefer the rawness of that first EP.

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