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 Everett True

sound summit

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So I thought I’d give a short plug to this DIY/independent/experimental music conference happening in Newcastle, 30 September – 4 October. I wouldn’t have volunteered to participate if I hadn’t thought it interesting. (This is not a complete lie. My tolerance for music industry conventions (alternative or otherwise) is generally very low. I don’t even usually attend ones in my home city.)

There’s at least one band playing – Songs – that I rate very highly; and although I view panel discussions with a distaste bordering on calling time on bullshit, the two they have me featured in seem to have some sort of thought put into them.

Whatever. If you live in Brisbane I think it’s sort of unlikely you’ll make the trip south: but if you live near Newcastle already, perhaps you might want to consider it? You can learn how to build a fuzz pedal from scratch. You can listen to a bunch of music critics bullshit. You can watch some DIY queer theatre. You can enjoy some fine music. There’s a human theremin. There’s a National Young Writer’s Festival (the sound of which, I freely admit, fills me with dread… but perhaps that’s just me).

Find out more about Sound Summit here.

And find out about the affiliated This Is Not Art festival here.

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