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Torrents are preventing artists from making any income! If torrents continue then the consumer will be able to rip off the artist directly, instead of businessmen and corporations. We must shut down the business that is ripping off musicians so the established businesses can. Otherwise there will be no more HMVs or Video Hits.

Imagine a world where the flow of creativity isn’t distributed by corporations, but instead is freely available to everyone on the Internet. Imagine a world where only outstanding artists are able to generate income off their music! Heaven forbid no one will ever pay for a mediocre album if they can download it for free and tell all their friends it’s crap. Art shouldn’t be free it needs to be capitalised, people should pay for the right to see that television show, not download it free of charge. Television is a privilege not a right.

Bands like Metallica need to make 20 million dollars a year. Now, because of torrents, they only make 10 million dollars a year – that is only two-and-a-half million dollars each.  Torrents mean that rock stars can no longer have ridiculous lifestyles, only semi-ridiculous lifestyles.  Bono can only buy one island for his daughter’s birthday this year due to torrents.

Why do you think artists get into music in the first place? It isn’t to be creatively satisfied or as a form of expression, it is to make millions of dollars and buy islands. Historically, artists are megalomaniacs who are only interested in a huge amount of money and fame, and without this to inspire them soon there will be no art in the world.

Movies will only make a billion dollars at box office; they will no longer be able to make more billions though blue ray and DVD. Imagine a world with no straight-to-DVD releases! Such great movie spin offs and sequels as Ace Ventura Pet Detective JR, or Air Bud Strikes Back or Son Of Mask will never see the light of day!

The mounting pressure of major record labels may mean that they will reduce the amount of music they are putting out and they will need to reduce the adverting dollars they spend of the new releases. Consumers may have to even leave their couches to discover new music.

In conclusion, we should trust corporations and businessmen to run the entertainment industry. Torrents must be stamped out immediately so the industry can continue to grow, while a handful of artists benefit from this expansion. Human beings have created and shared art for roughly half a million years, the distribution methods of the entertainment industry have been around for over 60 years, a significant portion of the history of mankind, we must protect our cultural heritage and shut down the Internet until torrents can be destroyed.

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