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Vegas Kings third last show(?) and the bloody Undead Apes again

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Plus, Boy Or Astroboy and BMXRays. Boy Or Astroboy are a bunch of local luminaries doing instrumental surf rock. Who’d have guessed. And good they are. BMXRays are three-piece power pop punk with a sense of humour. What could possibly go wrong.

Yeah, the Undead Apes again. You may be bored but I feel blessed.

Vegas Kings do what they do so well it seems effortless if very sweaty. Ben is one of the best guitarist in town. Couple more shows and they retiring. I will miss them.

Vegas Kings – Live @ The Step Inn – 18 Sept 2010

Undead Apes – Live @ The Step Inn – 18 Sept 2010

Boy Or Astroboy – Live @ The Step Inn – 18 Sept 2010

BMXrays – Live @ The Step Inn – 18 Sept 2010

EDITORIAL DISCLAIMER: These recordings are intended for private enjoyment only, not for any commercial use. If anyone featured these recordings has any sort of objection to being featured thus, please contact us and we will of course immediately take the recording down.

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