Washed Out: the focus group response review

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Washed Out

by Joseph Kyle

[Maybe you should read this article first – Ed]

I like this record.
I like it because it reminds me.
I like conspicuous consumption.
I like going to the mall with my mom.
I like buying things from Land’s End.
I like soy lattes and espresso brownies.
I like going to TGI Friday’s with my friends.
I like shopping at stores when I have no money.
I like sleeping in on Saturdays with a coke hangover.
I like going to the club on Saturday nights.
I like sleeping until three on Sunday afternoon.
I like talking about my adventures before the staff meeting.
I like taking my lunch break at Barnes and Noble.
I like planning for my summer vacation on Travelocity.
I like putting my recyclables in their proper disposal units.
I like planning for my retirement with Expedia.
I like watching Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report.
I like going to bed with a sense of superiorty.
I like thinking about how much money I have in my 401K.
I like one-night stands with people who don’t know about any of the above.
I like to vote for politicians who “care” because I don’t have to.
I like to not think about things too much.
I like it when I don’t have to put too much effort into my things.
I like it when art makes me “feel good” without making me think.
I like that Pitchfork likes it because that means I like it, too.
I like that I don’t have to worry about song titles or artist names.
I like that I can delete this from my iTunes and not miss it later.

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