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What I did tonight instead of going to see Cults play live

What I did tonight instead of going to see Cults play live
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Everett True details what he did tonight instead of watching corporate cult band Cults play live.

  • I watched Game Of Thrones, to be part of the common herd.
  • I thought about how cold it is outside, sparking (favourable) memories of Cerys Matthews (who doesn’t do my favourite version, not by a long stretch).
  • I figured that Cults are probably best left in the imagination, although I guess the truth in that statement at least partly  rests in how vivid or inventive your own particular imagination is.
  • I mourned the passing of that brief fiery cluster of muses who put together The Ten Reviews.
  • I prepared the kids’ lunches for school tomorrow.
  • I admired the resonance in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice. (Although once again I figured his version to be far too short.)
  • I mourned the passing of music criticism as a viable art form.
  • I thought in bullet points.
  • I listened to Beyoncé again. False warmth is still warmth. And I have no way of judging what genuine warmth is, anyway.
  • I stoked the fire, and waited.

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