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What I did tonight instead of going to see Temples play live

What I did tonight instead of going to see Temples play live
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Everett True details what he did tonight instead of watching dishwasher-safe 60s-style “psychedelic” revivalist pop band Temples.

Surly UK music critic Neil Kulkarni writes, “A conservatism blankets indie, has really sunk in subcutaneously since the rise of the Stone Oasis Screams, the first bands to lucratively make ‘indie’ music a home for purely white music fans, denim blinkers on, winkle/desert boot-heels firmly stuck in the quicksand of their own fear and snobbery, their fashionable love of the musical products of a segregated past, their reactionary inability to absorb the music of a multicultural present.”

  • I considered myself indeed fortunate that I no longer need to buy into a certain music press mindset that dictates the more predictable and reverential the music, the more it should be heralded.
  • I rubbed Vicks on my neck.
  • I watched Game Of Thrones, still part of the common herd – and laughed at the parts where an old band-mate swaggered into view, and an old drinking companion held her own against all men.
  • I despaired at the Azealia Banks album one more time – so much promise: such a crude, adorable squelch – and the thinness of even the phattest beats.
  • I listened to the Doors. They sounded fine. The hinges don’t need oiling at all.
  • I wondered why no one seems to love Sally in Peanuts the way I love Sally in Peanuts.


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