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Yesterday and today | favo(u)rite songs of the Interweb (volume 4)

Yesterday and today | favo(u)rite songs of the Interweb (volume 4)
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Thanks to Lee Alexandra Adcock for posting the links up for me. I was going to write my standard introduction… very displeased with the lack of motivation in the class blah blah blah old man forming wordless sounds at clouds blah blah blah who is not taking this assignment as seriously as they should blah blah blah… but then I noticed she’d already put some place-holders in for me, and I think I prefer them to anything I might write. I also prefer her place-holders in among the comments. So, without further ado…

-Shamir looks kinda weird, he’s on the list and would make a colorful teaser photo.
-The first artist is Speedy Ortiz, firsties often get the pic bill by right of their position.
-Holly Herndon? She’s on the list and is kinda popular right now
-Or you could be totally ironic and use M&S, because someone put them on the list, too
And that’s all I got.]


Grades go HD (High Distinction), D (Distinction), C (Credit), P (Pass), F (Fail).

OLD: The Police – Can’t Stand Losing You
NEW: Speedy Ortiz – Puffer
GRADE: [COMMENT] [LA – not the best Police selection, methinks, but the Ortiz is BITCHIN]
D- Please don’t make me listen to Police without warning me first. Oh wait, I like this one. Whatever/Speedy Ortiz is DOPE. More accurately, this Speedy Ortiz track is DOPE.

OLD: Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps – Race with the Devil
NEW: Rozi Plain – Actually
D Marked down for trying too hard/Um… great choices, though.

OLD: The Chordettes – Mr. Sandman
NEW: The Longdrone Flowers – My Sister, Drusilla
GRADE: [COMMENT] [note from LA – longdrone is great and sloppy, but KINDA LONG]
C+ Oh man, don’t make me start me on a Chordettes listening jag. You know how many Chordettes songs I have in my iTunes library? NOT ENOUGH

OLD: The Style Council – Waiting
NEW: Lê Almeida – Fuck the New School
P Dicing with expulsion, choosing a Paul Weller track/…and what’s this? Over-long shoegaze? Whoa there.

OLD: X-Ray Spex – I Live Off You
NEW: Downtown Boys – Dancing in the Dark
C Marked down for supplying a dodgy old recording of X-Ray Spex/Marked up for supplying a dodgy old recording of X-Ray Spex/Marked up for supplying a shouty Bruce Springsteen cover/Marked down for supplying a shouty Bruce Springsteen cover that comes nowhere near Electrelane

OLD: Testors – Time Is Mine
NEW: ???
GRADE: F BY DEFAULT/Also, try this.

OLD: Daniele Ciullini – Marbles in the Garden
NEW: Pill – Misty Eyed Porno Reader
GRADE: [comment] [LA thinks these are both fab – c’mon, just look at the titles. See? FAB]
D Marked up for a decent representation of 1983/Uh, marked down because “73 in 83/What’s the difference? TEN YEARS”/marked back up for PILL’s squalling contrarianism.

OLD: Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Didn’t It Rain
NEW: Jessika Kenney – Her Sword I
GRADE: [comment]
C- The good Sister? Damn straight (and especially that clip)/Marked down for unnecessary noodling in class

OLD: The Special AKA ft. Rhoda Dakar – The Boiler
NEW: Mavis Staples – Your Good Fortune
GRADE: [comment]
HD Bonus points for linking to a Specials video I HAVE NEVER SEEN/double bonus points for sticking with Mavis Staples

OLD: The Chills – I Love My Leather Jacket
NEW: Wire – Shifting
GRADE: [comment]
C Marked up for having great taste/Marked down for having great retro taste (yeah I know, Wire have never stood still, blah blah)

OLD: Louie Armstrong – St. James Infirmary
NEW: Holly Herndon – Interference
GRADE: [comment]
HD Well, yes./Well, yes.

OLD: The Monks – Complication
NEW: East India Youth – Turn Away
GRADE: [comment] [LA thinks this about EIY -> :P]
P- Oh my god. East India Youth.

OLD: Blind Willie Johnson – Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground
NEW: D’Angelo – Sugah Daddy
GRADE: [fire away at d’angie]
C+ Marked up for the descriptions/marked down for the descriptions now that I come to read them
“On the Gold Voyager record that is now the farthest man-made object from earth. Representing the music of humanity along with Stravinsky, Pygmy Singers, and Chuck Berry”/”Prince filtered through three decades of hip-hop, the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and three weeks straight without leaving the studio — for food or showers or fresh air or anything — except maybe more nitrous oxide canisters”

OLD: Silver Apples – You & I
NEW: Becoming Real – Tibetan Moves
GRADE: [comment]
D Wait. Isn’t it me that’s supposed to leaving comments?
“Fitting that Becoming Real is based in Glasgow, because this song sounds exactly like walking home through Glasgow with headphones on in the early hours of a winter morning ie really fucking scary..”/”I really want to hear a modern, female R&B version of this. I even approached a pretty succesful chart pop producer about doing it a couple of years ago. He didn’t share my vision…”

OLD: Joy Division – Dead Souls (live)
NEW: Shamir – On The Regular
GRADE: [LA luvs Shamir – did you see the hotline he set up? FAB FAB FAB]
D Marked down for providing such an obvious Interpol ripoff/Marked up for the fifth gender

OLD: Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business
NEW: SOKO – Ocean of Tears
GRADE: [comment]
D- Just say yes/Just say NO!

OLD: Saboten – Knee Guitar
NEW: Cheena – “Did I tell you last night?”
GRADE: [comment]
HD Top marks for linking to a funky “experimental all-girl Japanese band from the 80s” that I ain’t never heard of before/and… retained

OLD: Dr. Hook – Marie Laveau
NEW: The Breakfast Muffs – The Feels
GRADE: [comment]
HD- Marked up for linking to a top Dr. Hook tune/marked further up for 1.33 of squalling Scots pop noise goodness that is equal parts Prolapse and equal parts Huggy Bear

OLD: Big Star – The Ballad of El Goodo
NEW: Mumford & Sons – Believe
F Justification not strong enough
Mumford and Sons because it reminds me that I like good music and what to avoid/and Big Star, well its Big Star

OLD: Fratres – Arvo Pärt
NEW: Sia – Elastic Heart
GRADE: [comment]
P+ Wait… what?/Wait…what?

OLD: Tim Smith – Ocean Heaven
NEW: William D. Drake – Distant Buzzing
BONUS: Jo Spratley – Ocean Shipwreck (cover)
GRADE: [comment]
F Automatic fail for breaking the rules. You know the rules. DO NOT BREAK THEM!

Prime students this time are Joseph Kyle, Walter Pontis, Quique Ramos and Lee Alexandra Adcock.

The rest of you, you know what you can do.

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