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10 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 08-14.02.11

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Sharp increase in traffic this week. It couldn’t be anything to do with the fact we’re writing about bands people have actually heard of, could it?

1. Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend and the pernicious influence of Pitchfork
I won’t bother reprinting Pitchfork’s words. I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves…
2. anyone else find this offensive?
Perhaps they’re being, uh, ironic…?
3. that Arcade Fire Twitter rage in full
Weird how the Grammys didn’t matter yesterday to the indie kids. And now they do. Fucking wannabe corporate cock suckers
4. Song of the day – 280: Pris (see featured image)
Are they the anti-Daisy Lowe? The anti-Tori Amos? The anti-Kings OF FUCKING LEON? Do they perform in their underwear? ARE THEY HAVING MORE FUN THAN THE OTHER 50,000 PEOPLE IN THE ROOM COMBINED? Yes, yes yes!
5. Review of Wolf-Wolf, Indiewolf, and Pearbear at TeenageHairWaste
Her touching lyrics about the death of her great grandmother showed an artist with depth and experience, and at only 16 it is clear she is wise beyond her years.
6. Lady Gaga thinks homosexuality is perverted
What if everybody felt raging sexual emotions toward everyone, but homosexuality were simply frowned upon or outlawed as unnatural due to religious beliefs or folk traditions?
7. five more reasons why I’m still cooler than you
I know pleasingly little about Dave Graney beyond the following: he is a fine writer, rock star, sardonic critic of music, chap who’s lived the life.
8. Rihanna and the case of the sexual no-no’s
Sexy leather-bound dominatrix yes, tantrum-ing Lolita no.
9. Boys Against Girls: the Brisbane Street Press, part 1
If a contributor was called something like Darren, Steve or Tim, I assumed they were male.
10. Song of the day – 279: Shannon And The Clams (free download)
Sure it’s a little aggressive. So is life. So what the fuck are you waiting for? Get your spotty lily-white asses over to their record company’s website NOW!

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