Song of the Day #783: Sarah Mary Chadwick

Song of the Day #783: Sarah Mary Chadwick
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Photo: Sian Stacey

The big music “news” in Australia in the last couple days has been the announcement of Taylor Swift’s Australian tour dates and that she’s only playing dates in Sydney and Melbourne. I guess if you’re a Taylor Swift fan not living in Sydney or Melbourne, that’s pretty annoying but anyone not living in Sydney or Melbourne has had plenty of experience of bands they like and want to see not playing anywhere that’s not Sydney or Melbourne. 

I know how these Tay Tay fans feel.

I was so excited to receive an email recently about Batrider reforming to play a show with RVG and with Iceage also on the bill and then so disappointed that this was only happening in Melbourne for part of the city’s Rising Festival.  One man’s Batrider is another man’s Taylor Swift. I guess I’ll just have to make do with a new, and another excellent, song from Batrider’s Sarah Mary Chadwick to keep me going for now. Fingers crossed that next time Batrider play some shows they’ll think about us up here in Brisbane.

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