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Christopher J. Ott | The other Guv’ner

Christopher J. Ott | The other Guv’ner
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Watch this, you dumb fucks. Around 4.20 I was laughing so hard.

As the man himself says:

“You want to get paid for music writing? You’re pretty soon going to find out that you are in a world that has nothing to do with music or writing. It’s about executing PR campaigns.”

I particularly enjoyed this comment left on a Pitchfork editor’s blog (and the Pitchfork editor’s response):

“What do you think of the last Shallow Rewards video? Although I have many reasons to disagree with it and not even care about it, it’s inevitable for me to also feel discouraged. I’m guessing that you’re going to disagree with it too, considering that it attacks Pitchfork and your job, but I was interested in knowing your opinion.”

Part of his (oh, very reasonable and sane) response:

“Does being paid for music writing necessarily mean entering into a morally dubious sphere related to advertising? In my opinion, and from my experience, it does not. But I know very little about advertising, and I’m in a business where it’s a source of revenue, so you should listen to me (or not) based on that. When I am at the keyboard I write what I want to write and I have never once thought about advertisers and all my checks have cleared. Still, I am not you.”

Fucking ‘open-minded’ Internet critics, bane of our fucking society. Why is he (or the original blogger) even caring about what Chris has to say? Surely, you either write about music because you HAVE TO, or you don’t? Where’s Simon Reynolds when we need him?

“What I find disconcerting is how many young writers are very reasonable and sane in their approach, and overly fair-minded. It’s not what I want to read, at all. I’d much rather read a very fierce denunciation of something, even it was attacking something musically dear to my heart.”

Thanks Guv.

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