Collapse Board’s Most Read Posts of 2015

Collapse Board’s Most Read Posts of 2015
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If you were one of the 165,000 people from 190 countries who paid us a visit during 2015, thanks, we really appreciate it. We hope you found something you enjoyed reading and we hope to see you back in 2016.

These were the all-important, ten most read articles of the year (for posts written during 2015).

1. Sometimes forgettable, always horrible… Foo Fighters live in Brisbane
Rock and Roll isn’t dead – it’s just in a coma and being wheeled around the country for a $200 entrance fee. Kurt rolls in his grave. There goes my hero, fleecing the music industry for all it’s worth. Watch him as he goes. (Milton Fiennes)

2. It’s a thin line | Bands that should never have reformed vs Great bands that have returned great
we can deduce, with near scientific certainty, The Go-Betweens, Sleater-Kinney and Dexys were 100% justified in their decision to reform and Pavement, Pixies, Suede and The Sex Pistols were not. Like they care. (Everett True)

3. The Only Apple Music Article You Need To Read
Apple Music isn’t going to help you figure out what you want. Neither is Spotify or anyone else. The best ways to find new music are still the same as they’ve ever been: time, patience, and other people. And none of that shit costs you money. (Scott Creney)

4. When nice people make horrible music | the collected Facebook Foo Fighters vitriol
There’s a really annoying moment in the Seattle Sonic Highways episode where Grohl is going through his old pre-Foos demos and acting really embarrassed by them when they’re twice as catchy and interesting as anything he’s done in the last decade or more. (compiled by Everett True)

5. Well done knob gobbler | The homophobic wit and wisdom of Foo Fighters fans
You are a cunt who has never played live – this is rock and roll and you are the buggest deutschbag in the world – go type in your corner you pimple faced cunt (compiled by Everett True)

6. Considering Pitchfork’s 200 Best 80’s Songs
And with this, an article sponsored by a music company that overrates one of the music company’s artists, it’s hard for me to tell what’s editorial and what’s advertising. Which isn’t anything new there—PR companies have been trying to game the system to the point where it would be helpful to list an artist’s representation at the top of the review along with their record label—but this week’s advertorial does feel like some kind of tipping point. (Scott Creney)

7. Ten great cover versions
Moral: if you’re going to do a cover version, be Kristin Hersh. (Everett True)

8. Ten 90s Albums More Feminist Than Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill
Look, Jagged Little Pill’s a fine album. I’ve got no problem with it. And like I said, you can call it feminist if you want to and you won’t be wrong. But don’t call it the most feminist. And don’t forget to talk about feminism in your goddamn article. There’s a world at stake. And the rights of women are a hell of a lot more important than pop music and the silly chatter that usually surrounds it. That article is consumerist marketplace death dressed up in political clothes, and both feminism and music deserve more respect. (Scott Creney)

9. My buddies call me Ben. We all can’t WAIT for the new Mumford And Sons album
I only really like proper, quality, decent music. I know what music’s all about. I fear the real city and the noises that it creates, that come out of it when I have to be near those others who aren’t like me. All that bleepy bloopy shouty stuff. At root, deep down, I fear diversity. I love the technology of now and all the choices we have but I wish music was more like it was in the 60s and 70s. Y’know, proper rock stars and that, proper bands. Before things got so confused. (Neil Kulkarni)

10. Bedroom Suck sucks
The name invokes the will to get out there in the night and have a good time seeing bands or mates’ bands instead of staying in. Commendable enough, but the songs on display here are generally pale imitations of good bands or pale imitations of pale imitations. The good news is these kids aren’t tooling around playing computer games. The bad news is these kids are into music and aren’t more into Starcraft or whatever it is. (Heath Sledger)

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