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Collective nouns for rock fans

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Most of these write themselves. To paraphrase J.R. Nelson, everyone needs to release their inner James Lawton sometimes.

A gaggle of Lady Gaga fans
A deceit of Courtney Love fans
A misery of Billy Corgan fans
A scold of Thom Yorke fans
A plague of Kings Of Leon fans
A swoon of Best Coast fans
A murder of Run DMC fans
A mob of Oasis fans
A flock of Foals fans
A bevy of Pogues fans
A school of post-rock fans
An army of PJ Harvey fans

A confusion of Shaggs fans
A pride of Dexys Midnight Runners fans
An ascension of  Mogwai fans
A yawn of Fleet Foxes fans
A beard of Jethro Tull fans
A congregation of Danielson Famile fans
A mullet of Sweet fans
A riot of Jesus And Mary Chain fans
A tissue of Wedding Present fans
A jar of Jam fans
An asylum of Muse fans
A slurry of Metallica fans
A winklepick of hipsters
A absence of Thin Kids fans
A barnet of Pastels fans
A jangle of Orange Juice fans
A plaid of Nirvana fans
A tub of Vaselines fans
A grumble of music critics
A crock of Jet fans

Many thanks to those who contributed on Twitter.

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