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Daniel and Lauren’s all-time favourite songs, September 2014

Daniel and Lauren’s all-time favourite songs, September 2014
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Noted Australian music critic Jake Cleland paid a fleeting visit to our house the other day while he was in town for Big Sound: stopped for a beef curry and a muted chat, you could tell he was in the middle of industry convention lock down mode and the change of pace threw him some, but he was very convivial and charming nonetheless. Daniel (age 5) came on to the deck to check the visitor out, and Jake asked him what his favourite songs were.

“Well,” said Daniel, thinking about it. “Spiderman is my Number One all time favourite (he means the Ramones version) and my Number Two all time favourite is ‘I love you’.” He paused. “And my Number Three all time favourite is the one with the sliding down the stairs.” He paused again. “And that’s it. I don’t have a Number Four all time favourite.”

It’s probably no coincidence that Lauren (age 3)’s all-time favourites are “I love you” and “Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood”, and that both children were caught thrashing their heads at the kitchen table to this AND this the other morning.

I explained to Jake I rarely play music when the kids are around. The noise doesn’t need extra competition, and also music’s never served as background for me. Not really.

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