Does Shannon Noll Hate Women?

Does Shannon Noll Hate Women?
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“Shame the prick! Shame that motherfucker right there!

Shannon Noll bursts into a tirade at his Duck Creek concert. He’s angry. With good cause. One of the crowd, a heckler, has hurled something at him onstage.

Whoever that was come up here!”

The crowd quickly identifies the assailant. A “fuckhead in a tie.” Shannon continues to goad.

C’mon pretty boy. C’mon you fucking maggot! Have some balls and come up here instead of throwin’ somethin’ from there! C’mon!”

He continues to threaten the assailant. You know they’ve probably earnt it. A bit of verbal abuse isn’t out of order.

But the regressive attitude dripping off of this entertainer’s every second word in the following seconds? Not okay. No way.

Then I’ll fuck ya missus and ya mom!”

The ultimate way to get back at another man? A rape threat. A statement of his intent to violate this other man’s own blood. That’ll show him! What else are women in this statement than the property of men?

His mother and sister weren’t the ones who threw the missile. There’s no information to even suggest they were present. Yet Shannon serves his threat, the ultimate insult. The crowd chuckles.

I’ll give somebody a hundred bucks to punch that fuck for me!”

Great. It’s natural to feel violent in the heat of passion. Survival instinct. There’s been so much work done to stop assault and battery at concerts and this undoes it a little. In this case, there could be a valid argument to let it slide.

But how this man talks about women? We’re not living in The Stone Age. Shannon doesn’t let up.

There’s too many good looking girls here for you folks!”

Chicks only come to concerts to get laid right Shazz? They’re practically askin’ for it! He addresses the women of the crowd like they aren’t even there. By implication of his own jeer, they probably don’t have “The Balls” – that rough masculine energy against which all worth is measured against – to matter.

His voice carries beautifully as he breaks into Daryl Braithwaite’s ‘Horses’. Too bad. He’s ruined it.

Oppressive behaviour doesn’t come from lone wolves or ill intent. It’s the product of a greater attitude perpetuated day-to-day. And when it comes to this problem it looks like this Australian Idol is preaching to the choir.

If a ‘cunt’ is the worst thing you can think of to describe someone there’s a problem. Is nothing lower and more worthy of contempt than a woman’s vagina? Spit from a mouth like Shannon Noll’s that’s what’s being reinforced. Intended or not, it’s the truth.

Do you hate women Shazz? Never thought it was the case. But hearing these words just now it sure as hell feels like you’re keeping them down. If you’re putting that kind of hatred of women out there into a world maybe you need to sit down for a bit and think it over.

Update: Shannon Noll ‘apologises’.

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