In Photos: Deadshits #4 – Woods, Hunx & His Punx, Blank Realm/Naked On The Vague, Kitchen’s Floor @ The Zoo, 25.01.2013

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Hunx & His Punx: Deadshits #4 @ The Zoo, Friday 25 January 2013

By Justin Edwards (photography) and Everett True (captions)

  1. Woods: the dude sings like that dude from Yes. It’s off-putting.
  2. And he has a beard.
  3. Beautiful songs, though. I lasted three.
  4. Seriously beautiful songs. Or should that be serious, beautiful songs. Heard of Flying Nun Records? Woods, too.
  5. Hunx & His Punx: more fun than they look. That’s saying a fuck of a lot, actually.
  6. The goddess Shannon. Of the goddess-like Shannon And Her Clams. Doesn’t look at her strings once. Layers vocal harmony like my man ‘Shadow’. She PWNS yr ass. Everyone’s ass.
  7. See Justin avoided the crotch shot. Can’t say I blame him.
  8. Poison Ivy and Pansy Division rolled into one. (Huh?)
  9. The bad boyfriend.
  10. Last time I saw this dude on stage, his fellow singer grabbed me and Snogged me (capital ‘S’) for 60 seconds straight in full view of everyone, and then bragged in interview later about how “I was the oldest guy” he’d ever kissed (but I kissed good).
  11. Blank Realm/Naked On The Vague – two great Aus psych bands collide and…
  12. …man, I wish they hadn’t.
  13. If I want to listen to a jam band…
  14. (I don’t even know where I’m going with this sentence.)
  15. Jury is out on whether dancing at a keyboard is allowable (as opposed to rocking back and forth). I say yes, but others disagree.
  16. Kitchen’s Floor: Matt Kennedy doing the whole Matt Kennedy thing.
  17. Angular, abrupt, sometimes sweet and soulful, jagged. That’s the Kitchen’s Floor experience. Oh, and this is an entirely new ‘Floor from the last time the ‘Floor mopped the floor with me.
  18. This man is not being ironic.

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