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One-minute reviews – 16: White Hinterland, Ric McCulley, Scout Niblett, T:Lo

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OK. This is me written out for the day. Back to my research.

White Hinterland – Kairos
From where I’m seated, I’d like everything to sound like the soundtrack to Where The Wild Things Are. Everything doesn’t. That’s fine. I’m happy for music to bewitch, too. I like the fact Arthur Russell had a second eyelid.

Rich McCulley – Starting All Over Again
I’d put good money on Mr McCulley being a very affable drinking companion. Teenage Fanclub are.

Scout Niblett – The Calcination of Scout Niblett
Ah, Scout. Still bruising and angry and hurtful and full of foreboding silence and devastatingly LOUD bruised guitars, and still in love with the Albini production on In Utero (aren’t we all?), and still entirely emotional and obsessed with astrology (or is it astronomy), and still with those great big gaping songs that ache in the spaces, and still entirely wrongly under-estimated, and still with a great big hold on my heart. This album is terrifying in its enormity.

T:Lo – Leave It At The Door
Ah, Loene. My mid-20s crush now translated into full-blown adult crush and… ah, I’m really not sure where I’m running with this sentence. Sultry and electronic and full of wind-chilled silences and distant echoes and that weird, wonderful way of singing Gina Birch perfected with her forgotten 90s group The Hangovers… but you’re no longer taking this review seriously, are you? Goddamn narcosynthesis.

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