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sexism etc – triple j and the hottest 100

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triple j Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time

Gotta love triple j – “Australia wide radio station with topics concerning all the youth’s of Australia” [sic].

They’ve just announced a new poll for the Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time, and “to get the ball rolling and get you inspired”, they polled 175 industry ‘experts’ and top musicians to provide a dummy list. This has been weighted, with no explanation how. Female musicians are represented (at number 30) by Sarah Blasko and – much, much lower down the list – by Kylie Minogue and Sia. And that – the odd band-member aside – is it. Three female acts in a 100.

Simultaneously, they’re asking listeners and the general public to vote for their favourite Hottest Australian Musicians Of All Time. Female, natch.

It’s beyond parody, really.

Shouldn’t the triple j slogan be “We love music (made by men)”?


“I like PJ Harvey’s theory,” wrote one bloke on Twitter, after I highlighted the disparity. “It doesn’t matter what gender the person is, it’s whether the person is good at their craft.”

“Define ‘good’,” I wrote back.

On the whole, males define what is ‘good’. Music they are familiar with. Male music. Music that was created along certain lines, with the rules created by men. Most textbooks (e.g. youth-orientated commercial radio stations) would include the word ‘male’ when defining ‘good’, whether they admit it or not. Polly’s argument is meaningless within such parameters.

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