Mike Turner

Single Of The Week: Future Twin – Bad Seed (self-released)

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By Mike Turner

Sun, fun, shorts, shades, the beach, the party never stops and the caring never starts. In an ocean of fuzz-based female-fronted bands will Future Twin ever break, ever get their day in the sun, or ever get noticed beyond this review?

Best Coast, Vivian Girls, La Sera, Dum Dum Girls, Cults, Babies, Coasting, Frankie Rose, and the other ones we never even discovered, it’s as if this sound popped up over night and now it’s run down and become its own ghetto.  Am I the market for something so tried(tired) and run into the ground that it’s so fossilized that’s it’s turned back into the petroleum that will be used to press more records later? The answer is sadly yes. I tend not to swoon for the popular girls like Frankie, Bethany, or Dee Dee, but those new girls on the scene that remain nameless, it’s their table I sit at during lunch.

Sure the songs are disposable, it doesn’t mean anything, and the only depth to be found might be in the grooves of the actual record. This is as modern and now as it gets in a time where everything is disposable, meaning is for chumps, and depth is limited to 144 characters. Future Twin is so clever to reduce this genre to its most basic and strip away everything to relate to society at its core. Say nothing – mean nothing – the future is blank.

Future Twin – Bad Seed / Lockits  (self -released)

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