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So boring I forgot what I was going to type | the collected Facebook War On Drugs vitriol

So boring I forgot what I was going to type | the collected Facebook War On Drugs vitriol
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This one started quite innocuously. A simple and well-liked comment on Facebook,

Fuck man. Has anyone actually listened to The War On Drugs? Christ, they’re bad.

  • I hear Mark Kozelek is a big fan.
  • I think Kozelek is probably jealous cos they’re the only band alive more boring than him.
  • Saw ’em at the Zoo, put me in a sleepy cranky mood!
  • You damn kids and your jungle music.
  • War On Drugs, suck my cock. Go fuck yourself, Sun Kil Moon.
  • They’re why Philly needs to stick to making cheesesteaks.
  • Dull as fuck.
  • They the ones that sound like Dire Straits?
  • Dire Straits were a lot better.
  • Fucking adult cockrock for deaf hipsters.
  • Their second LP was Tom Petty vs Simple Minds, quite interesting really. And then they started the Dire Straits revival.
  • Red Eyes is a masterpiece.
  • Cockrock needs bigger balls.
  • Better than both (I’m not joking).
  • Dire Straits – Telegraph Road
  • I may (but doubt it) be missing out but I don’t listen to bands with stupid names as it’s an indicator of potentially facile lyrics.
  • Bruce Hornsby & the Range – The Way It Is
  • The indie Springsteen on mogadon.
  • They’re not a million miles away from this…
  • I dislike The War On Drugs because their music reminds me of Dire Straits.
  • I dislike them because of their ironic (and, therefore, utterly dumb) name; the beards (if they don’t have beards, they sound like they do) and the dull and ubiquitous John Congleton-esque production style.
  • Not a hater but don’t believe the hype.
  • I like them because they make interesting music in an era of dross. They are no Goat though.
  • The War On Drugs are so boring that I just forgot what I was going to type.
  • Who?
  • Their music is dull dull dull….for me it lacks the passion and excitement that I need from my music…like is dull and grey enough without having this as your soundtrack. and it’s shit.
  • You heard this song?
  • It’s a waste of public money, it’s primarily a health issue.
  • They taste like denim and sound like an M shaped balding hairstyle.
  • With my 40 odd years as a music critic I feel justified in putting it this way: cos they fucking blow chunks man.
  • When I heard them on the local ‘indie’ music station I thought they were playing a bad Bruce Springsteen song. They are okay but overhyped.
  • They stole my tricycle.
  • Definitely over hyped. It’s listenable but not memorable.
  • I don’t even know who they are. Ignorance is bliss perhaps.
  • Every. Single. Hipster. Band. Is. So. Boring.
  • Never heard ’em. Let me guess….is it one of those The Eagles As Indie Rock sort of deals?
  • That fucking picture. Its all I ever saw on Facebook suggested posts for a year. Fuck The War.
  • Norman Phay I’ve thus far managed not to knowingly hear them. I’m inclined not to like them because “the war on drugs” is a terrible name for a band.
  • A man in a pub told me to listen to them, and that they would change my life. I listened to them the next day and my life got ever so slightly more dull.
  • There are moments I enjoy them over other crap on the radio. Though when I tried to listen to a whole album it did bore the hell out of me. Can’t understand a single lyric, so have no idea if he’s saying anything important or interesting. And yes, a bad band name. The kind of music that is forgettable, but when the hit comes on in a few years I’ll probably be excited and check them out again and will probably be disappointed again.
  • “Bossgaze”.

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