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Song of the day – 192: Fever Fever

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I am a living cliché. I cannot resist music that sounds like this. I do not even attempt to.

Grating female vocals. Sound and fury. Never a pause for breath. Always another space to be filled in. Guitars that ricochet back and forth like they understand ‘Teenage Riot’ was when Sonic Youth turned spectacular. Frenzied. A sound that is equal parts post-punk and Riot Grrrl. (Are the two now indistinguishable?) From Norwich, one of the UK’s forgotten cities. Anger, oh yes. I have a feeling that my former beloved male-female art-rock band KaitO were from Norwich, and I have a feeling that Fever Fever probably know that fact too. Maybe this new trio even share a member? Who knows? Anyway, KaitO were ace, and Fever Fever were ace, and me…? Me? I’m a living cliché.

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