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Song of the day – 193: Thought Creature

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Another great tip-off from one of my friends on Facebook. I freely confess I was blithely unaware of Thought Creature‘s demented, psyched-out, loose and wiggly dance-rock groove until 24 hours ago. These are New Zealand folk (Wellington, specifically) who you feel probably aren’t too familiar with conventional approaches to the razor-blade or obtaining prescriptions for over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. This is to the good. One would imagine they are well familiar with the third-hand mattress, and palm-size bar of soap. They dance all messy and transfixed, lost within the groove. The music on their MySpace sounds like their live set would feel like it’s constantly on the verge of falling apart, which is way to the good. There’s a fair amount of Texan and Kiwi psychedelic splendour present (the guitars, noticeably)… sure, you can trace lines back to the more inspired out-there moments of Straitjacket Fits and The Clean, if you want. (I like to, often.) There’s definitely something early 80s about them, the slightest of Gothic tinges (way to the good).

Folk claim The Dandy Warhols are good. I’ve never heard that myself. Folk claim Happy Mondays are great. I’ve always heard that, right from the moment I saw them supporting McTells at an obscure upstairs London venue in ’88 and called their guitars ‘grungy’. Man alive, that was true. Thought Creature have almost precisely the same greatness (check out, in particular, the song ‘Shake About’ on their MySpace). Please may I throw two more names into the equation: The Black Angels. And Blank Realm.

Thank you. This is fucking great, great, inspirational stuff.

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