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Song of the day – 204: It Sound

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Introducing It Sound aka Jesse Damm.

Jesse emailed me and cryptically remarked, “I hope it sounds like West Seattle to you”. I’m not sure about that. Familiar as I might be with The Beakers, The Breakouts and Steve Fisk’s Pell Mell, my wealth of knowledge about the Pacific Northwest is quite localised, especially if we’re talking pre-1988. And this definitely sounds pre-1988: probably circa 1979 if we want to be anal about it, round about the time all the experimentalists were rediscovering the joys of Can and Neu!, and the splendour of basic drum machines and electronica.

Their music is a little more hard bop than the video above might indicate. “Hard pop and experimental bop,” as Jesse puts it. And they’ve got that early Factory Records bass sound. It’s very intriguing, in an understated manner. Here. You can find out way more here. An album is due, 26 October 2010.

Do It Sound remind me of West Seattle? Phew. Tough question.

Decide for yourselves, by downloading the free single.

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