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Song of the day – 270: Rose Kemp

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Man alive! Should I be enjoying Rose Kemp this fucking much??? [All replies from Facebook]

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Stevie Chick
she is AMAZING isn’t she?
Monday at 18:04

Tommy Udo
She’s awfully good, so you probably should.
Monday at 18:33

David Stubbs
Yes, being one letter away from a baldy SAS wannabe and the daughter of Maddy Prior doesn’t prevent her from being fearsomely good.
Monday at 18:37

Tommy Udo
Why is being the daughter of Maddy Prior a drawback?
Monday at 18:38

David Stubbs
No reason, of course, except that one has learned not always to expect great things from the offspring of the great. The Jakob Dylan syndrome.
Monday at 18:45

Blue Straggler
Or Julian Lennon. Or Sean Lennon. Or Harper Simon. Eliza Carthy did OK though I suppose. And Everett’s favourite band The Like 🙂
Monday at 19:12

Frances Morgan
Her parents did ‘All Around My Hat’, imagine having that in your DNA. She’s great – there’s a record she did with an Italian band called Ufomammut that really rocks, I’ll try and locate it for you.
Monday at 20:34

Lauren Barley
True that Golden Shroud really gets under your skin. Ill send you some text she is putting together on the pros of intermodulation distortion…which incidentally Wikipedia refer to as ‘unwanted amplitude’.
Monday at 23:50

Ultimately, it’s remarkably straightforward. I like rock music that ROCKS. I don’t like rock music that doesn’t. (Rock music that doesn’t rock – it don’t make sense.) Golden Shroud by Rose Kemp TOTALLY FUCKEN ROCKS, the same way anything by early Black Sabbath or Motörhead or High On Fire rocks. So I fucken like it – OK? I had no idea who or what Rose Kemp was until some of my friends chimed in (see above). I kinda assumed it was a band name, actually. A shit one, at that.

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