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Song of the day – 39: Lorna G

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This was a song that came onto my iTunes at random, and lifted my bus ride home last night. And I’m glad it did.

As the man says, “Lorna G’s ‘Brixton Rock’ is a wonderful attempt at accentuating the positive of a place so often given a bad name. Brilliantly mixing up early hip hop with the reggae tradition, referencing Gary Byrd’s ‘The Crown’, it contains the immortal lines: ‘Don’t need to boast. Don’t need to brag. Don’t gimme cocaine, I’ll do with a fag…’

Lorna G – Brixton Rock

(I agree that it’s cheating to lift another blogger’s words wholesale to the extent that even the hypertext links take the reader to the original source but… bugger it. I wanted to once more acknowledge Kevin’s authority, curator skills and way round a smart description: giving such an obvious shout out seemed to cover all that at once, and also give you – the reader – the chance to hear a great song.)

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